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December 11

Today we donated toys to the toy drive at Gabe's office. He is actually in charge of the event and I always (well, since last year when we moved here) make the ornaments that hang on the tree. They are simple little circles in different colors with an age, gender, and gift on the tag. There is always a practical gift listed on the tag as well. For example, the word "toy" will be on the tag along with either "socks" or "soft lunch box". Something that is needed along with something that is wanted. I guess it is more than just a "toy drive", because things are purchased for adults too.

I am participating in an online cookie exchange over at The Mom Creative. Check out my recipe here.

On an unrelated topic, our new kitchen table is going to be delivered today. I am pretty excited about it. Also, our friend, Kevin, is coming over for dinner tonight. I am going to make fajitas...yummy! I think we will have some strawberry ice cream for dessert. Gabe and I made it in our ice cream maker. We have also tried the vanilla, but so far the strawberry is my favorite.

I also finished The Shack. It is an interesting book. It managed to keep my interest and keep me thinking. I was always wondering what was going to happen next.

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I have wanted to read The Shack. I might. I'd love to come have fajitas and strawberry ice cream with you. Hold on and I'll hop on a plane! Sounds delicious! :)