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December 7

We had two Christmas activities today, but one of them was sort of a continuation of yesterday. First, we sent cards to the three featured kids over at Make A Child Smile. Most of the children on the website have medical issues that they will not recover from. If you have a couple of spare minutes, I encourage you to write out a card or three. We included a picture of our dogs in the cards and I wrote a little story about them. I also encourage you to read the "DOs and DON'Ts" section in "Frequently Asked Questions". There are a lot of helpful tips like don't send candy due to allergies, don't send glitter, don't say "get well soon", do send cheery mail, do tell a story.

I bought contact paper, so our second activity was to make the ornament that I had planned for Alex yesterday. I placed a piece of contact paper, with the backing removed, on the floor. I gave Alex a pile of pieces of scrap paper and I let him adhere them to the contact paper. The idea was for him to cover the entire piece of contact paper. Since he didn't, I placed the contact paper on another sheet of white paper. I then cut out an ornament shape, added ribbon, and placed it on the tree. You can find the ornament pattern here.


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