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December 5

Today was a pretty busy day. We went to the Pecan Festival. It was actually more entertaining than we thought it would be. I really liked the parking lot. Instead of gravel, they used pecan shells as a covering. What a creative use!

Pecan shell parking lot.

Next we headed to Toys R Us. We dropped off our Toys for Tots donations. Alex has both of the toys that we donated and he really likes playing with them. So hopefully they are good ones. December 6 is the last day to drop off toys at Toys R Us, but you can always make a donation online.

I have a picture of Alex and the Marine, but I didn't ask permission to post the picture and I haven't blurred the Marine out of the picture yet.

Our next stop was the mall. We had to mail his letter to Santa at Macy's. Macy's will donate $1.00 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for each letter collected.

Dropping off the letter to Santa.

We came back home to get ready for the Christmas party that we went to tonight. It was fun. I don't have any pictures right now. I did take my camera, but our friend was taking pictures with his fancy camera, so I am just going to get copies of his photos. He is also the same guy that ended up taking pictures for Alex's first birthday party.

So, I realize that we completed more than one Christmas activity today, but it is just how things worked out.

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