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December 10

Today's daily December project was sending care packages to deployed troops. You can do it too! Just go to the Any Soldier website and click on Where to Send. A list of soldiers will show up on the left of the screen. I chose to sort by the number of times that the address had been requested and chose to send packages to two of the individuals that had the least number of requests. The packages are distributed to a soldier in the group that does not get a lot of mail, however, all of the contents are shared. They also have little websites where they can enter special requests.

Some of the items that we sent were zip lock bags, hand sanitizer (in a zip lock bag), hot chocolate, mac and cheese, word search books, pens, water flavor packets, candy canes, smarties, DVDs (not all groups have DVD players), frisbee, baby wipes, and some other odds and ends. Basically whatever I could stuff into a priority box. If you use the military flat rate box (and you are sending the package to an APO, etc.) you get $2.00 off of the large flat rate priority mail box rate. If we send a package again, I think I am going to fill a box with canned goods, then I will really get my monies worth on the shipping. Technically our packages were for Any Marine. Any soldier goes to all branches of the service, or you can select a specific branch like I did.

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You have a really kind heart and I love that your family is so giving to others!