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September 29, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Robyn!

September 27, 2006

White Robe

My apartment complex has a free coffee cafe and free wireless internet access in the common areas. There is a man that lives in the building that sits around in his white robe drinking coffee and typing on his computer in the common areas. I first noticed him on weekend mornings. I have now started to see him during the week. I would always see him in the a.m. in a white robe with his hairy legs sticking out. I have never noticed a shirt and I am not entirely sure what he is wearing under the robe. I saw him tonight in the common area on his laptop. He was still wearing his white robe. I am beginning to think that either he has no clothes, or he is the Hugh Hefner of the building.

September 26, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Kyle!

September 23, 2006

Rain Delay

Thank goodness for a rain delay. It allowed me to make it to the Sox game for the best part. The Sox came back and won. Paul Konerko hit a home run. I hung out with some friends that I haven't seen for several weeks. It was a blast. One the way to the car it started to rain and we were drenched. All I needed was a bar of soap.

September 21, 2006


I am happy to report that I am typing this blog entry from a desk in the den! Never mind that I am surrounded by boxes, totes, and bags. Let's just focus on the fact that there is a desk with items on it that actually belong on it.
Nothing much has been going on lately. We purchased two new bookshelves. We need them to unpack some of the totes and boxes. I think we are going to have to buy a new DVD player. The one we have is on the fritz. Initially we thought that we were getting bad DVDs from Blockbuster, but they all can't be bad. We have a spare player, but it is at my parent's. Well, I guess that I am back to the boxes.

September 16, 2006


We started the Blockbuster online rental service a few days ago. When we went to get our in-store rental they asked for a credit card. Apparently they have had trouble with people not returning movies. Gabe had to ask the cashier several times if the credit card was necessary to actually rent a movie. Apparently it is not, but boy did she like to talk. I know much more than I wanted to about her high school English class.
We sat out on our balcony some tonight. I think that the dogs really enjoy it. We had tea from Flavia and hung out with the dogs. They are becoming more adjusted to living here day by day. I still miss seeing stars at night.

September 15, 2006


Today we actually made space to move in the apartment! I can easily maneuver in the living room. I still can't step foot in the den, but eventually I will. Just one room left of multiplying boxes to go. I am addicted to the coffee/tea/chocochino maker at my apartment. I started using it to make tasty beverages when Brandi was here. Brandi actually wants a Flavia drink maker now. They should be against the law for sheer addictive qualities.

September 14, 2006

Still Unpacking

I did not make it back in time from clinic to take Brandi to the train station, so Gabe did. We basically unpacked a few more boxes. I really am starting to dislike boxes.

September 13, 2006

Downtown Chicago

Today is my day off....yippee! There is a tree blocking our satellite reception, so no DishNetwork for us. We had lunch at Sal e Carvo...yummo! Next, we went downtown. Brandi had some shopping that she wanted to do. We also stopped at Buckingham Fountain and went to both Grant and Millennium Parks. Gabe stopped off at the Art Institute while we were in the park. While walking back we met up with Gabe and his brother. We came back, ate at Giordano's and unpacked a few more boxes. Maybe at some point in time there will be room to actually move in the apartment.

September 12, 2006

Still Unpacking

Brandi went downtown and did a few things. I went to clinic. I came home unpacked a few boxes and now I am going to bed. Exciting, huh?

September 11, 2006

Boxes Everywhere

I went to clinic this morning. I would have rather stayed and worked on the box pile. I am pretty convinced that the boxes multiply while I am gone. Gabe went to work, so Brandi stayed with the dogs. She also went swimming. Gabe came home before heading to classes and unpacked a few kitchen boxes. I am already tired of eating out. When Brandi went to swim he told Brandi that he would be leaving at 5:00 p.m. When Gabe left for class he thought that Brandi had my house keys, but she had left them on the counter and she was locked out. When I came home it took a while to convince the apartment manager that I really lived in the apartment. It was still listed as vacant. I am glad that they are cautious and check things though. After getting back in the apartment, we grabbed the keys and went to eat at Cici's Pizza. For less than $15 we both ate a pizza buffet. I ordered Gabe a pizza for $5 to go. I have a pizza buffet card...one more buffet purchase and I get a free meal. The boxes are still everywhere, I am not sure if we are making progress.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Noelle!

September 10, 2006

Moving In

Today we finished loading the moving truck. Luckily Gabe's parents came up to help us move. There were a few things left that we loaded into their truck as well. Gabe and I have decided that the next time we move we are hiring a moving service. I guess that there is just enough time between moves that I always forget how terrible it is to move. I always remember that I don't like it, but I seem to forget the degree that I dislike moving. Tony and Maren (they are wonderful), again showed up to help us unpack the moving truck into our new apartment. It took about three hours and everything was a mess, but things were unloaded. I am not happy with the condition of the apartment, but we managed to put the bed together and Brandi gets a couch (last night we all slept on hardwood floors). Brandi and I unpacked all of my clothes...I need something to wear for clinic tomorrow.

September 9, 2006

Last Night in Chicago

Today while I was at clinic seeing patients, Gabe picked Brandi (my niece) up from the train station. Because he had class starting at 9:00 a.m., and he picked her up at 9 a.m., she went to class with him. He was about 30 minutes late, but I guess the teacher didn't mind. After class they picked up the moving truck. Brandi drove Gabe's car back to the apartment and was pretty excited/nervous about driving in Chicago. The rest of the day was spent loading stuff into the truck. Thankfully, Tony and Maren stopped by to help. We ordered Chinese food from Triple Crown and when the delivery man stopped by Tony asked if he was the Triple Crown delivery guy. He said that he was, and Tony gave him the $37. Once Gabe and Tony came in, they noticed that bag was from Pizza Nova. It contained a gyro, cheese fries, and a piece of chicken. Tony called Pizza Nova and they weren't too happy about taking the food back, but they eventually did and Triple Crown eventually delivered our food. After eating we packed a little more and then we called it a night.

September 8, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Andrew!

September 6, 2006


When Gabe and I were in Italy we were walking past a store with clothing. One of the t-shirts really caught our eye. It was in English. We found it to be so funny that we snapped a picture. I would post the picture, but typing out the words on the shirt is much easier. Anyway, below is what it said:
I like your
hair foamings...
I like my mind
I want your sex
want your physic
My assumption is that people think clothing with English words is cool, even if they don't know what they say. The point of this entry, and yes, there is one, is to check out the site Engrish. It will give you a good laugh. If you want to know a little more about what Engrish is, check out the "What is Engrish?" section. Some of their shirts are pretty funny.

September 4, 2006

Yes, we are still packing

At noon we decided to take a break from packing and purchase a gas grill from Lowe's. They are having a pretty good sale today. Once we arrived we decided against purchasing the model that we wanted. They had five in stock, but they were all pre-assembled. We were hoping for one in a box to make the transportation much easier. So, we decided to wait a little longer, and hopefully the sales will get better.
We just finished packing the bedroom and we are a fifth of the way through our second bedroom. After that, we only have the kitchen left. Gabe and I have very different styles of packing our clothing. Mine is packed away in boxes with labels that tell the type of clothing in the box as well as the colors. Gabe's clothes are in several large garbage bags. I realize that my packing might be a little overkill, but his packing style just makes me giggle.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mike!

September 3, 2006

Back to Packing

Today started with packing. We packed until we ran out of boxes. Then we went to Sam's and purchased more packing materials. I am usually not one to sit around and talk about tape of any type, but a few days ago Gabe purchased some Scotch Packaging Super Strength tape. I must say that it is the best packing tape that I have ever used. If it happens to fall back on the roll (which it rarely does) it is very easy to peel it off and start using it again. The tape doesn't even rip. It is much better that the cheaper stuff. Okay, enough about packing tape. After Sam's we went to the Last Fling in Naperville. The idea was to go to the Collective Soul concert. It was a bargain at only $10 per person. However, after eating and walking around we decided to get back home so that we could pack some more. On the was back we stopped off at Target to purchase some totes. I don't think that cardboard boxes will stand up to holding my books, so we both thought that totes were a good solution. Since returning home I have packed a few boxes. I guess my current break for blogging is over...back to the boxes.

September 2, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Jim!

Greek Fest

Gabe went with me to my externship site today. While I was seeing patients he went to Panera and Barnes & Noble. Afterwards, we had lunch, went to Borders (where I purchased another book on CD), and went to Greek Fest. Greek Fest didn't start until 4:00 p.m., otherwise we would have eaten lunch there. If you are thinking about going, there is a mandatory $2.00 donation per person. We didn't mind paying, but mandatory donations always crack me up. After walking around and seeing what all of the vendors had to offer we headed back home. My computer was having a few issues and while Gabe worked on it I started packing. The front room is basically packed up. I plan on packing more tomorrow. I am really excited about getting Monday off...two days in a row...wow! Unfortunately I think that I may have to work on Wednesday to make it up.