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Greek Fest

Gabe went with me to my externship site today. While I was seeing patients he went to Panera and Barnes & Noble. Afterwards, we had lunch, went to Borders (where I purchased another book on CD), and went to Greek Fest. Greek Fest didn't start until 4:00 p.m., otherwise we would have eaten lunch there. If you are thinking about going, there is a mandatory $2.00 donation per person. We didn't mind paying, but mandatory donations always crack me up. After walking around and seeing what all of the vendors had to offer we headed back home. My computer was having a few issues and while Gabe worked on it I started packing. The front room is basically packed up. I plan on packing more tomorrow. I am really excited about getting Monday off...two days in a row...wow! Unfortunately I think that I may have to work on Wednesday to make it up.