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Moving In

Today we finished loading the moving truck. Luckily Gabe's parents came up to help us move. There were a few things left that we loaded into their truck as well. Gabe and I have decided that the next time we move we are hiring a moving service. I guess that there is just enough time between moves that I always forget how terrible it is to move. I always remember that I don't like it, but I seem to forget the degree that I dislike moving. Tony and Maren (they are wonderful), again showed up to help us unpack the moving truck into our new apartment. It took about three hours and everything was a mess, but things were unloaded. I am not happy with the condition of the apartment, but we managed to put the bed together and Brandi gets a couch (last night we all slept on hardwood floors). Brandi and I unpacked all of my clothes...I need something to wear for clinic tomorrow.