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Last Night in Chicago

Today while I was at clinic seeing patients, Gabe picked Brandi (my niece) up from the train station. Because he had class starting at 9:00 a.m., and he picked her up at 9 a.m., she went to class with him. He was about 30 minutes late, but I guess the teacher didn't mind. After class they picked up the moving truck. Brandi drove Gabe's car back to the apartment and was pretty excited/nervous about driving in Chicago. The rest of the day was spent loading stuff into the truck. Thankfully, Tony and Maren stopped by to help. We ordered Chinese food from Triple Crown and when the delivery man stopped by Tony asked if he was the Triple Crown delivery guy. He said that he was, and Tony gave him the $37. Once Gabe and Tony came in, they noticed that bag was from Pizza Nova. It contained a gyro, cheese fries, and a piece of chicken. Tony called Pizza Nova and they weren't too happy about taking the food back, but they eventually did and Triple Crown eventually delivered our food. After eating we packed a little more and then we called it a night.