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Boxes Everywhere

I went to clinic this morning. I would have rather stayed and worked on the box pile. I am pretty convinced that the boxes multiply while I am gone. Gabe went to work, so Brandi stayed with the dogs. She also went swimming. Gabe came home before heading to classes and unpacked a few kitchen boxes. I am already tired of eating out. When Brandi went to swim he told Brandi that he would be leaving at 5:00 p.m. When Gabe left for class he thought that Brandi had my house keys, but she had left them on the counter and she was locked out. When I came home it took a while to convince the apartment manager that I really lived in the apartment. It was still listed as vacant. I am glad that they are cautious and check things though. After getting back in the apartment, we grabbed the keys and went to eat at Cici's Pizza. For less than $15 we both ate a pizza buffet. I ordered Gabe a pizza for $5 to go. I have a pizza buffet card...one more buffet purchase and I get a free meal. The boxes are still everywhere, I am not sure if we are making progress.