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I am happy to report that I am typing this blog entry from a desk in the den! Never mind that I am surrounded by boxes, totes, and bags. Let's just focus on the fact that there is a desk with items on it that actually belong on it.
Nothing much has been going on lately. We purchased two new bookshelves. We need them to unpack some of the totes and boxes. I think we are going to have to buy a new DVD player. The one we have is on the fritz. Initially we thought that we were getting bad DVDs from Blockbuster, but they all can't be bad. We have a spare player, but it is at my parent's. Well, I guess that I am back to the boxes.


I hear you! I think our DVD player is crapping out too. Andrew thinks our DVDs from Netflix are bad, but I just think it's the player. Why would a Viedographer that we contacted about videoing our wedding send us a bad DVD?....

We purchased a new DVD player...no more crappy DVD's. The magically all work now.