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Yes, we are still packing

At noon we decided to take a break from packing and purchase a gas grill from Lowe's. They are having a pretty good sale today. Once we arrived we decided against purchasing the model that we wanted. They had five in stock, but they were all pre-assembled. We were hoping for one in a box to make the transportation much easier. So, we decided to wait a little longer, and hopefully the sales will get better.
We just finished packing the bedroom and we are a fifth of the way through our second bedroom. After that, we only have the kitchen left. Gabe and I have very different styles of packing our clothing. Mine is packed away in boxes with labels that tell the type of clothing in the box as well as the colors. Gabe's clothes are in several large garbage bags. I realize that my packing might be a little overkill, but his packing style just makes me giggle.


I'll note that my packing took about 20 minutes. I think Stephanie's box system took closer to an hour.

As far as the grill goes, I'm glad we waited. I was able to score a portable Weber from Amazon for $35. The price has since gone up to $55. The best part is that they will ship it to our new address so we don't have to worry about moving it. Gotta' love Slickdeals.net.