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St. Patrick's Day Festival

It has been a while since I have updated, so here I go.

Below are the pictures of Alex rolling over for the first time.

Roll 1.jpg
Starting out during tummy time.

Roll 2.jpg
Midway through the roll.

Roll 3.jpg
Completed roll.

Roll 4.jpg
Apparently he wasn't finished!

I used to be a fan of Anoop, however I did not like his American Idol performance last week. Now I have started to wonder if he can actually sing, or if he can only sing My Prerogative. Anyway, even though I was not a Jasmine or Jorge fan, I still believe that based on the performance, Anoop should have been sent home. I guess we will see what happens this week. It should be interesting since the judges have a "get of jail free" card. Right now I think they will only use it to save Danny, Adam, or Lil.

Saturday I went to a Pampered Chef party. I ordered the bread mix. I really want to see if it is as good as Tastefully Simple. I also ordered the Sun-Dried Tomato Herb Oil Dipping Seasoning.

On Sunday Gabe, Alex, and I went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival in Tucson. The parade was a lot longer and much more interesting than I had anticipated. We will most likely go back again next year. It is an added bonus that it was in the 70's.

Alex Kiss Me Shirt.jpg
Alex sporting his "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt. He didn't wear this to the festival. Since everyone seems to like touching him we didn't want to give them an excuse to kiss him.

St Pat Gabe Steph Alex.jpg
Waiting for the parade to begin.

Green Man Group.jpg
Green Man Group

Apparently Star Wars characters enjoy St. Patrick's Day.

Darth Vader.jpg
Darth Vader even made an appearance...though he wasn't wearing green.

Alex Parade.jpg
Alex showing off his green beads.

Fire Truck

The festival was also a lot of fun. The type of craft booths reminded me a lot of the festival in my hometown. We had Irish Stew for lunch and it was really good.

We had our St. Patrick's day dinner on Sunday. It was a lot easier to cook the meal while Gabe was home to watch Alex and help me. So, we decided Sunday would be a better day than Tuesday. I pulled out a cookbook that we purchased while we were in Ireland. We had Carrot Soup, Chicken Cobbler, Mashed Roots, and Apple Nut Tart. I will post the recipes to each menu item as I get a chance.

I was really disappointed that Steve-O was not able to dance last night on Dancing With the Stars. As much as he is not one of my favorites, he is pretty entertaining to watch. Gilles is still my favorite guy. I just hope people vote for him. Maybe the judges need a "save" like the American Idol judges. Ty was a thousand times better last night. I actually smiled through his entire performance. As far as the girls go, I liked both Melissa and Shawn's performances.


I LOVE the rolling pictures! Go Alex!
Also, the picture of him in his Irish shirt is ADORABLE. He's getting so big and handsome!

DWTS - I missed the first half hour but I am a HUGE Melissa fan! She is a good dancer and so spunky. She's so happy to be there, which is a huge part of it in my mind!

You were speaking of the 70 degree weather this weekend at the Festival. You were excited because it was COOL. It is 68 here today and we're excited because it's WARM! It's all relative, isn't it?! :)

BTW... totally excited about our Myrtle Beach vacation! Beach fun, here we come!

Melissa does seem to have a really positive attitude. I like that about her.

South Carolina should be a lot of fun! Hopefully the house is available.