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American Idol & Dancing With the Stars

It was 88 at 5:33 p.m. today. I talked to some people in my family and it was 74 back in Illinois. They were wearing shorts and flip flops. It needs to be 90 for me to break out the shorts...though I did think about it today. The only problem is that it is really warm outside, but the businesses keep it downright cold inside.

I am going to try something new tonight. I am watching American Idol (we recorded it) and I am going to comment as I watch. This way my post may not be a week late. :)

It is country week on American Idol. My thoughts on that...great (sarcasm). I am NOT a country fan.

Michael did a great job. I think country is his genre. Hmm...no one else really agreed with me. Well, Paula did, but that doesn't count.

was pretty good. I was really surprised to see how she fit in with country. She is really versatile. Previously, I thought of here as a rocker (like Heart or Pat Benatar).

Kris did a really good job. I kind of liked him without the guitar. He seems like a really nice guy.

Lil is not my favorite performer (even though I know she can sing). However, I think she would make a decent country singer. Simon cracked me up with the Lil vs. Little discussion.

and Randy...what a great combo. Randy Travis had me laughing out loud when he said he didn't know about Adam. I had to pause the TiVo so I could laugh and not miss any of the show. I paused it on Adam and his expression looked evil. That made me laugh too. Oh, Adam and his black nail polish. I really, really liked Adam's arrangement of Ring of Fire. It reminded me of something Godsmack would do. He sort of reminds me of Sully. Adam seems sort of Goth/Vampire-like tonight.

was better than I had anticipated. Go Scott! He is from Arizona!

I really liked the way that Alexis made the song her own.

The contestants seem really vocal with the judges this season. They are all talking back quite a bit. I don't recall this occurring in previous seasons.

Did Danny have stage fright in front of Randy Travis? It sure looked like it. I did not like his jacket, but he did an amazing job singing. He gave me goosebumps!

The Anoop I liked in the beginning is back! I guess he can sing more than just My Prerogative.

Megan was pretty good. I wasn't as impressed with her performance as the judges were.

was pretty good. I don't think that he was better than Danny. However, I just might be slightly biased.

Oh I would add Matt to the list of performers that the judges would save if they were voted off. I am not sure who I would vote off this week. I guess it would most likely be either Megan or Matt. Does Allison remind anyone else of Audrey Griswold (Dana Barron) from National Lampoons Vacation?

The dance off on Dancing With the Stars is a really interesting idea. I figured it would be Steve-O and Steve in the bottom two instead of Belinda and Steve. I am currently rooting for Steve. Something about Belinda just rubs me the wrong way. I think it might have something to do with her rolling her eyes when Steve was talking. Steve has such a great attitude. Well, Belinda was voted off. I am going to bed.