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October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

pumpkinstn.gif Happy Halloween! pumpkinstn.gif

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October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

BD4-tn.gifHappy Birthday Grandma!BD4-tn.gif

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October 28, 2008

Alex is here!


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October 27, 2008

Warm Weather

This past weekend was full of movie watching. We watched Deception. It didn't really meet my expectations. However, Shooter was really good. Mark Wahlberg plays a sniper that left the military when one of his missions did not go exactly as planned. He joins back up again, but ends up being double-crossed once again. He then begins to serve out his own type of justice. Last night we watched Run, Fat Boy, Run. It is about a guy that decides to run a marathon in order to win back the woman he let go. It was a bit predictable, but definitely funny at times.

Yesterday we also went to the grocery store...I know, very exciting. Gabe also snapped a picture of our house to post on the blog. The changes to the front of the house since the last picture include a finished driveway and a finished roof. I will try to get another picture once the landscaping is finished.


I am going to attempt to finish (well, at lest make a huge dent) in our scrapbook for 2008. I would like to have it up to date by tomorrow.

I am watching the news while typing this and the weather segment was just on the T.V. We still aren't finished with the 90's (they are in the forecast 4 times up to the first of November and upper 80's on the other days). Chicago's high for today is 42. The high for my hometown is 49. There is snow in the forecast for Northern Minnesota! The kids here are going to be sweating in their Halloween costumes. The high for both Halloween and November 1st is 91. This means it will probably be around 95. They always seem to be off by about 4 degrees. I am seriously going to wear shorts in November...maybe even on my birthday.

October 26, 2008


Congratulations to Ryan and Barby on the birth of their baby boy (10/26/08)!


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October 25, 2008

Meeting People

We walked through our house today. All of the flooring is in and so are all of the countertops. The dishwasher and oven are in the house, but they aren't hooked up yet. The landscaping still isn't completed. They have 10 days to complete the house before our inspector will be there. They should have it done by then. There really isn't that much left to do.

Yesterday Gabe and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner. While we were there we saw someone from his job. Today while we were looking at our house I met someone else from his office. We dropped off a baby gift at some friends and I met another person from Gabe's work. So, I managed to meet a lot of people these past two days.
I am going to make an attempt to get a picture of the outside of the house tomorrow, but no promises.

As far as movie watching goes we watched Vampires a few days ago. It was a pretty good movie. A group of vampire hunters go after the master vampire.

We watched Mr. Bean's Holiday tonight. This movie was much better than I had anticipated. Part of the movie even had me laughing out loud. I loved the way that he video taped his trip.

October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

BD4-tn.gifHappy Birthday Sophie!BD4-tn.gif

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October 20, 2008


This is just a quick little notice to the state of Arizona. It is almost November...it should NOT be in the 90's. I love warm weather, but people shouldn't have to worry about sweating in their Halloween costumes. I guess when the fine Midwesterners are shoveling snow and freezing their butts off, I will really enjoy the weather...but seriously 90's at the end of October.

More Movies

There hasn't been a lot of excitement around here lately. We went by our house yesterday and the roof is on, the view fencing is up, and all of the tile flooring is down. They have things prepared to pour our driveway! I might swing by tonight to see how things are progressing. I might even take a pictures since I didn't take one yesterday.

Gabe and I were driving around the neighborhood and found our neighborhood's park. It is within walking distance of our house.

The exterior of the house has been painted since last Tuesday. I actually have a picture from then (even though it was really dark when it was taken).


We have watched a few movies lately. Rocket Science...umm...not good. A boy that stutters joins the debate team in high school. I just didn't like the way things ended for the characters and I didn't find it to be that funny. Another movie we watched was Iron Man. This was Gabe's choice. It is a movie based on a Marvel superhero. I thought it was going to be terrible. This movie was really good. I would recommend it if you haven't watched it yet. 10,000 BC was a disappointment and I didn't really like it. I will say I liked the scenery. We also watched the Bourne Ultimatum. It is the next movie in the Bourne series. I liked the Bourne Identity the best, followed by the Bourne Supremacy, and finally the Borne Ultimatum. Maybe I should try the books.

October 13, 2008

Fall Festival

We watched another movie. This time it was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was another comedy that disappointed me. A guy goes to Hawaii to forget about his ex-girlfriend. On the upside, it really made me want to go back to Hawaii. Maybe we won't go to Alaska next year and we will just go back to Hawaii. Any suggestions on vacations for 2009? Right now we are thinking about Hawaii, Alaska, China, or a Northern European cruise. There are also a couple of places that we would like to go in the Western portion of the United States (we have a list).

Our house is slowly coming along. Gabe and I walked through it yesterday. I wanted to see the inside since they painted and added trim. I was really surprised that the cabinets were in as well as the counter tops in all of the bathrooms (they are marble). The granite in the kitchen still hasn't been installed yet. The light fixtures are installed and all of the shelving is in the closets. We also have showers and tubs. It is really starting to look a lot more like a house.

Yesterday we went to the fall festival in Patagonia. It was a lot of fun to walk around and see all of the vendors. We had some really yummy kettle corn while we were there. Sorry, no pictures...maybe next time.

Happy Columbus Day!

October 9, 2008

A Lot of Movies

Gabe and I (okay, mainly I) have been watching a few movies lately. We watched Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Umm...didn't like it. I expected to laugh a little more. Just watch Walk the Line. You might not laugh, but it is a good movie. We also watched Smart People. I thought it was going to be a comedy. We did laugh a couple of times, but again not what I expected. Made of Honor I watched without Gabe. It reminded me a lot of My Best Friend's Wedding. A guy is friends with a girl and he decides they should be together but she is already engaged to someone else. I don't think I will be watching it again, but it was worth watching once. I really like The Lost Boys from the 80's. So, when I found out there is a sequel I rented it. The Lost Boys: The Tribe started out with music from the original, but the movie just wasn't as good. It was a good movie, just not as good as the first. The Scorpion King 2: Rise of the Warrior was pretty good. I actually liked it a little better than the first Scorpion King movie. I am currently watching Drillbit Taylor. It is okay, but not worth watching again. Three boys hire Owen Wilson as their body guard to defend them against a bully.

Cross Stitch 2.jpg

I finished another counted cross stitch. Again, this one is a Christmas present for one of my grandmas.

I have 21 things left on my list for today. I need to get back to it...I will be happy if I can complete 9 of them!

October 8, 2008


Congratulations to Emily and Rob on the birth of their baby girl (10/08/08)!

look whos here.gif

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October 7, 2008


We have been really busy this past week. Gabe will come home from work and we will leave to do things and get back around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. I am really looking forward to Thursday. We have absolutely nothing planned!

We finally know the estimated completion date of our house...November 18th! This is 16 days after the original date we were given. I guess it is better than being 6 months behind. The part that really sucks is our house will be ready on November 5th, but we can't move in until the 18th. They build in the extra time in case they need to do anything to the house. We will get walk through it on the 5th though. I can't decide if seeing it completed on the 5th is a good thing. It will be sitting there for 2 weeks teasing me because I can't move in.


Our house with stucco. Now they are working on the inside, so there won't be many changes from the outside until they paint and do the landscaping.

Gabe and I went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Basically, it is a zoo. It is actually a lot of fun. We weren't able to see the entire area on our visit, but we joined as members so we can go back as often as we would like. I really wanted to see the javelina's but they were off exhibit...maybe next time. Gabe and I encountered one while we were walking one night, so I would like to see them in a safer environment.

Mountain Lion.jpg

Mountain Lion

White Tail Deer.jpg

White-Tailed Deer

Prairie Dogs I.jpg

Prairie Dogs...I just love these little guys.

Prairie Dogs II.jpg

Another Prairie Dog Picture.

Do Not Feed.jpg

This sign is in the parking lot (the museum is in the middle of the desert). I guess you can't feed the coyotes chocolate chip cookies.

Gabe and I went to Taco Bell the other night. We eat there maybe twice a month. This time was little different. When we walked in there was a sign that said "No Soft Tacos". So, when we were at the register I asked the person when they would have soft tacos again. He said they didn't know. They have a new regional manager and they really screwed up the last order for supplies. There were no napkins out, they were out of those too. A few people went to the rest room and came out looking for toilette paper...they were out of toilette paper! They were also very low on their packages of sauce. Maybe they need to go back to the old regional manager. I could always have a soft taco and napkins when they were in charge.

Sunday Gabe & I took the concealed carry weapons class. I really, really liked the instructor. The class is comprised of lecture, a written exam, and a practical where you have 10 shots to hit your target 7 times. Both Gabe and I passed all of the class and we both hit the target 10 out of 10 times. The cool thing is we can go back to the range and practice whenever we like. We liked the class so much we signed up to take the more advanced class. The entire thing was over 12 hours with 2 hours of driving. Some of my family is excited about taking the class.

I know the official registration date for Illinois is October 7th, but just in case you don't make it today you can still register during the late registration grace period which runs until October 21.


I voted in the election today using a mail in ballot. All states have different deadlines for registration. The deadline to register in Illinois is October 7. Here is a link to find out the registration deadline for your state.

October 6, 2008


Congratulations to Jenny and Mark on their marriage! I wish I could be there!


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October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday!

BD4-tn.gifHappy Birthday Doug!BD4-tn.gif

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