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Meeting People

We walked through our house today. All of the flooring is in and so are all of the countertops. The dishwasher and oven are in the house, but they aren't hooked up yet. The landscaping still isn't completed. They have 10 days to complete the house before our inspector will be there. They should have it done by then. There really isn't that much left to do.

Yesterday Gabe and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner. While we were there we saw someone from his job. Today while we were looking at our house I met someone else from his office. We dropped off a baby gift at some friends and I met another person from Gabe's work. So, I managed to meet a lot of people these past two days.
I am going to make an attempt to get a picture of the outside of the house tomorrow, but no promises.

As far as movie watching goes we watched Vampires a few days ago. It was a pretty good movie. A group of vampire hunters go after the master vampire.

We watched Mr. Bean's Holiday tonight. This movie was much better than I had anticipated. Part of the movie even had me laughing out loud. I loved the way that he video taped his trip.


Looking forward to the house picture... and a Baby Belly pic!! :)