January 26, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

I managed to organize all of the areas in our house on my list. I still have a long list of stuff to do though.

We went to the zoo on Saturday. Alex loves going. His favorite animal, the giraffe, is being challenged by monkeys. The zoo doesn't actually have a monkey. They have a gibbon, which is an ape, not a monkey. Alex still calls it a monkey. We should probably correct him. Oh well.


I went to Big Lots today. I bought a wooden plaque that I am going to paint and redo.

Tomorrow I am going to start working on a valentine's project.

I finished The House of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer. I am almost finished with The Lace Reader, by Brunonia Barry. It was a book club selection that I didn't finish a few months ago.

Off to unload the dishwasher.

Pray for Jimmy. Send a card.

November 22, 2010


Life has been busy lately with a lot of unexpected turns. I am going to make an attempt to start blogging more often. I really want to post our daily December activities this year.

We went to the zoo this weekend. The weather was great, but the crowds were not. We chose to go on Saturday and that just happened to be a free day. It was way too crowded. Alex still had a good time.

Alex loved watching the turtle.

I finished reading a book called The Diving Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby. He was the editor-in-chief of French Elle. Bauby suffered a stroke that left him completely paralyzed except for his left eye. The book is even more amazing when you realize that he wrote the entire thing with the blinking of his left eye. He wrote the book letter by letter with just a blink. I also watched the movie. I would definitely suggest the book before the movie. The book is a very quick read.

That is it for now. I have a lot to do today and I want to work in a run. I haven't been running consistently since a few things have happened in our lives. So, I still haven't met my goal of running in a race this year. There is one coming up in December. I might give it a try. Otherwise I will just run in my own race...around the block with some friends.

Visit Jimmy's page, say a prayer, and send a card.

May 7, 2010


On Friday we went to the Butterfly Exhibit at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It was really neat. I think we will attempt to go back next year. Alex had a vaccine the same day, but it didn't seem to bother him. We had a babysitter for Friday night and we went out to eat. We were going to see a movie too, but there wasn't anything on that we wanted to see.




Saturday we went to the zoo. Alex had a great time looking at all of the animals. His favorites were the elephants and the giraffes. He really liked them from far away. He didn't like them as much when we tried to get him to feed the giraffes.






I finished the last book in the Percy Jackson Series. It isn't as good as Harry Potter, but the books are worth reading if you are having Harry Potter withdrawal. The last book is Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian, by Rick Riordan.

It is starting to get warm here. Alex and I have been to the pool. When it hits 95, we call it a pool day. He loves splashing in the water. The pool just might be on the agenda for next week too.

July 28, 2009


I finished cleaning our house. Now I just have to put things away that we get out and use each day.

Saturday we spent a good portion of the day running errands. I managed to get my hair cut. Alex will be having his 9 month pictures taken tonight. This is the first time I will have had my hair cut before the pictures. Usually I do it about a week after. We also went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. They stay open until 10:00 p.m. during the summer evenings. It is a little cooler and different animals are active.

Bighorn Sheep.jpg
Bighorn Sheep

Alex & Coyote.jpg
Alex & Coyote

Sunday we took Alex to the kiddie pool. He had a blast splashing in the water. It was a fun way for Gabe and me to cool off too.

Alex Suit.jpg
Ready to swim.

Relaxing in the Pool.jpg
Relaxing in the pool.

Hanging out in Pool.jpg
Hanging out in the pool.

Yesterday I met K at a local ice cream shop. She brought her little girl and we both had soft serve frozen yogurt...yummy! I also finished a Christmas present last night. Not counting things that I need to make last minute and a couple of "store bought" presents, I have about 20 things left to make. Everyone will get at least one homemade present, but I am having a really hard time coming up with more than one homemade item for some individuals. I found a local fabric store and I went there today to buy some material for a couple of things that I need to make. I am just waiting on Gabe to get home so we can start getting ready for the pictures tonight.

Baseball Outfit.jpg
Cute baseball outfit.

I have plans to start packing on Thursday for our trip. I already have the packing list printed, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and eating a Krispy Kreme Doughnut (or two).

June 26, 2009


Well, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an interesting movie, but not one that I would want to watch again. I think I should have just quit watching after the first half of the movie. Aging in reverse is just weird. I never read the F. Scott Fitzgerald book, maybe that would have made a difference.

We went to a party on Saturday the 13th. It was actually pool party, but we didn't swim. Alex has taken to hating his baths again. So we were pretty sure he would scream the entire time just like he does during a bath.

Alex and Gabe 2.jpg
Alex & Gabe

Sunday the 14th was a very busy day. After church at the lake, we had brunch and then headed back home. We decided to try out Alex's little pool in our back yard. He loved it! He absolutely loved splashing around in it. Maybe we should have let him splash at the pool in the party.

Alex Pool.jpg
Splashing in the pool.

Alex & Gabe After Swimming.jpg
Alex very happy after splashing in the pool.

Steph & Alex.jpg
Stephanie & Alex

Next we decided to head out to the zoo. On the way back we stopped by Border's for a free Seattle's Best beverage (courtesy of our rewards card).

Steph Alex and Giraffe.jpg
Stephanie, Alex, & Giraffe

Cute African Spotted-Necked Otter

The capybara is the world's largest rodent, related to guinea pigs.

Once we were back home again we had dinner and decided to go to our neighborhood pool around 7:30 p.m. Even though it was 90 out it was too cold for Alex. When there is no humidity it feels like air conditioning for any part of your body that is out of the water. I stayed in for a little while, while Alex and Gabe sat on the edge.

I started watching the new season of The Next Food Network Star. I must say I don't miss Jenn and I was happy to see Brett go. It was a tossup between Eddie and Teddy, but I do hope that Teddy goes home next week. I just wouldn't watch a show with him as the star. Gabe thinks that Debbie is going to win, but as of right now I guess I am voting for Jeffrey. No one has really gained my "vote" yet.

Wednesday the 17th Dawn D. and I went for a walk in the morning (Gabe and I usually go in the evenings). She left for Illinois on Monday for three weeks. She was nice enough to drop off an exersaucer for Alex before she left.

Friday the 19th I scrapbooked with Cheri (originally we had plans to do it on Thursday) until around 3:00 p.m. and then we had Victor over for dinner. I cooked Greek food. I really loved the feta and cream cheese dip that I made. I will have to post the recipe the next time I make it (that way I can post a picture).

Saturday the 20th we went out to eat at Macaroni Grill for Father's Day. We were going to eat out on Sunday, but we switched it Saturday and went to a BBQ at one of our neighbor's. Wednesday we had some people over for dinner.

Ice Cream Cupcakes.jpg
"Ice Cream" Cupcakes that I took to the BBQ. They were ice cream cones filled with chocolate cake, frosted, and then topped with sprinkles.

Gabe & Alex Fathers Day.jpg
Gabe & Alex on Father's Day.

We watched Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. I actually preferred the first Underworld movie. Rise of the Lycans is a prequel and takes a five minute portion of the movie and expands it into a full length movie. Slumdog Millionaire was ok. It wasn't my favorite movie. We are currently watching Role Models. I think we should have watched Confessions of a Shopaholic instead.

After dinner we went on our nightly walk. We were going to head out to Old Navy to check out he $5.00 swimsuit and shorts sale, but we both decided to relax instead. We are going to go tomorrow instead. We also having Mike D. over for dinner tomorrow. I have plans to clean out and organize my office this weekend. We will see how it goes.

May 16, 2009

Fun Friday

Last Friday Aaron, Alex, and I all went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. We walked around half of the zoo, but the temperature kept rising and we left. It was just too hot for Alex...even if it was a dry heat. The animals were all in hiding/sleeping.

Gray Fox.jpg
Gray Fox

It has consistently been reaching around 105. The high is always listed as 99, but it gets about 104/105. It isn't too bad if you are in the shade, but Alex overheats easily, so we don't do a lot when it is really warm. The only problem is the temperature rises until around 5:00 p.m. So we do a lot in the evenings. Back to Friday.

We relaxed for a while and Gabe came back home. We drove up Mt. Lemmon and had a great time. It was nice outside and the sun was setting, so it wasn't beating down on us.

Steph Gabe Alex Mt Lemmon.jpg
Hanging out on a rock at Mt. Lemmon. The pictures just don't do Mt. Lemmon justice. It was a lot of fun walking around.

We had plans to eat at the restaurant on the top of the mountain but this is the off season and they are only for breakfast from 9:00-11:30 a.m.

Moon Rising over Mountains.jpg
Moon rising over mountain.

We didn't make it. Instead, we drove back down the mountain and ate the Arizona Pizza Company. The pizza was pretty good.

March 1, 2009

Reid Park Zoo

Today we went to the Reid Park Zoo. It was warm and nice today, so we neglected our "To Do" list. Before the zoo we had lunch at the Javelina Cantina and we were able to eat outside.

Javelina Cantina.JPG
Javelina Cantina

The zoo was nice. It reminded me of your typical zoo with the typical animals. It looks nothing like the desert.

White Rhino.JPG
White rhino cooling off in the mud.

This zebra was running around while we were there.



Anteater (I do not recall seeing one of these at a zoo before.)

Alex at home.

Alex 4 months 1 day.JPG
Alex 4 months and 1 day old.

We used our coupons for both the free 2-liter of Dr. Pepper and the Kashi Frozen Entree. Fry's was having a buy one get one free sale on Kashi dinners. So, we actually ended up with two free frozen dinners instead of just one.

I watched the movie Vantage Point last week. I definitely recommend it if you have not watched it. It stars Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, and Jack from Lost (Kent Taylor). The movie keeps repeating the same series of events several times. However, each time it is from a different character's point of view. The repeated events go through an assassination attempt on the President of the United States in Spain. Because this movie is no longer in theaters, it is definitely a renter.

We didn't end up cleaning out the garage this weekend (the weather was too nice). Maybe next weekend.

January 12, 2009

Zoo & Ice Cream

We have decided not to go to San Diego right now. We both thought it would be a lot of fun but figured we really needed any extra time to work on the house. If I get any extra time today I am going to start working on the fourth bedroom (we are going to make it an office). I doubt I will have extra time though, as Alex is in his "I will only sleep if you hold me" mood. I am slowly typing this entry with only one hand. At least dinner will be easy. I assembled it last night an now I just have to pop it in the oven.

Hanging out in a swing.

We went to the zoo on Saturday. The weather was wonderful. We even sat outside and had ice cream, because we could.

Steph Ice Cream.jpg
Umm...not helping with the resolution to lose the baby weight.

Some desert scenery

On Sunday we went to Sam's and picked up some canned goods. They also have some leather furniture that Gabe has his eye on. We stopped by Trader Joe's and Alex loved looking around the store. Usually we keep him covered up, but he had such a great time looking at everything we pulled the blanket back so he could see.


I really, really want to accomplish something on the house this week!

December 3, 2008


I should be picking up the bedroom, finishing up the birth announcements, working on Christmas cards, or one of the other million things I need to do since Alex is sleeping. Instead, I am writing an entry to update everyone...what dedication.

Friday my mom wanted to go shopping. Now, just in case you are wondering I am not the "get up and go out at 4:00 a.m. type" and I did manage to order my shower curtain at Kohl's online at 11:00 p.m. (actually Gabe did it for me because I kept falling asleep). We went to the mall around noon thinking the die-hard shoppers would have returned home or at least stopped for lunch. We were wrong. Cops were directing traffic at the mall. It was ridiculous and finding a parking space (note: just a space not necessarily a good space) was nearly impossible. We did however luck out and found a space at Dillard's. Little did we know Dillard's is located at the opposite end as Macy's, which just happens to be the store that my mom wanted to shop. Stores had cue lines set up and shoppers were only allowed in when another shopper had left the store...crazy!

I found Alex a couple of cute outfits and my mom purchased my birthday present, Gabe's birthday present and his Christmas present, and a few things for Alex. She also found Alex an ornament.

Alex Ornament.jpg

Alex's ornament

Christmas Tree.jpg

My Dad and I managed to get our tree up.

Alex Cleaning.jpg

Alex helping us clean.

On the way home I stopped by Home Depot and picked up a ceiling fan that the Home Depot near us didn't have. Actually they had one, but it was a return item and it was missing the blades.

Gabe's parents arrived Friday evening. Saturday my parent's watched Alex while Anna, Duane, Gabe, and I went to his office. This time I was able to take the tour and see what Gabe works on. My mom also made spaghetti and meatballs while we were gone. Duane, Anna, Gabe, and my Dad all attempted to go to the pecan factory on Saturday, but they missed the store being open by 3 minutes.

Sunday was my birthday and we had our Thanksgiving dinner. We were supposed to have the meatballs on my birthday and the turkey on Saturday, but the turkey was still a little frozen. My mom made a very yummy carrot cake. I couldn't find the candles, so I had one taper candle in the middle of the cake to blow out. My Dad was also our "professional photographer". He took several pictures of us so we could pick one out for our Christmas card. Gabe and I decided it would just be easier to take our pictures at home instead of taking two dogs and a baby to a photo studio.

Alex Christmas Hat Happy.jpg

Alex in a Santa hat.

Very early Monday morning Gabe dropped my parents off at the airport. Their flight was delayed due to the weather in Chicago. Luckily, they had a four hour layover so they did not miss their connecting flight. Monday morning we applied for a passport for Alex. Monday afternoon we went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum with Gabe's parents. Alex slept through the majority of the zoo.

Alex Zoo.jpg

Alex enjoying the Desert Museum.

Alex and javalina.jpg

Alex hanging out with the javelina.


The three of us with a cactus on an 80 degree day in December! Maybe I should throw this picture in our Christmas cards too.

We went to Sam's on the way home and received our Christmas present from his parents a little early. We picked out a mini-fridge for the upstairs of our house. This way we can store the pre-made bottles upstairs instead of having to go downstairs at 3 a.m. We put it to use for the first time last night and it was wonderful.

Mini Fridge.jpg


Tuesday morning we had lunch at Agave and then went to the copper mine gift shop and museum. They offer a tour of the mine, but there just wasn't time (they had to catch a plane home). I came back with Alex and Gabe dropped his parents off at the airport. When he came back we worked on the house a little more.

Copper Mine.jpg

Entrance gate to mine property.

Gabe is at work right now, but he will be coming home in a few hours. Alex has his one month appointment today and he is getting a shot. I am not looking forward to the shot.

I think that wraps up the update. I am going to pick up our bedroom and then get back to cards, packages, and wrapping Christmas presents.