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Little Helper Tower

We are in the process of making Alex something similar to a Learning Tower.


Hopefully in the next few days these pieces of wood (and some not pictured) will turn into the desired item. It will offer a secure environment for Alex to participate in kitchen activities. Right now he wants to drag a chair around and stand in it. Since we don't allow this, one of us usually ends up holding him so he can see what we are doing.

A Learning Tower will cost you around $200. Our project cost around $40 (wood, stain, polyurethane, screws). I will post pictures of the finished project. Plans for the Little Helper Tower can be found on Ann-White's website. I also have plans to make Alex a picnic table.

In an hour or so I can add some more polyurethane to the wood. I would love to complete this project by the weekend.


Cool! Good luck with the building! I'm looking forward to seeing a completed picture!

Do you have any pictures of the Zabel's visit? I'd love to see them!

Hi friend! I've missed chatting with you and hope that all is well with you and your sweet family. I check Jimmy's website often and keep him in my prayers. Sounds like he is doing pretty good?! Take care! :)

I will see what I can do :)

Thank you!