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Adventures in Finding Mittens

We have an upcoming trip that will require some winter clothing for Alex. This is a lot harder to accomplish than you would think. We were headed up to Tucson so we decided to stop by Babies R Us. We had no luck. Since Babies R Us doesn't carry mittens and winter hats (I asked), we decided to head to the very busy mall. Babies R Us is still selling swim trunks at full price, so I guess mittens and swim trunks don't mix. I did manage to buy two sweatshirts and a pair of sweatpants for $8.00 total (they were on clearance). We entered the mall through JC Penney. They did not carry mittens and winter hats. Our next stop was Old Navy. They had about 5 winter hat and mitten sets. They were all large with one medium. Alex needed a small. Ugh...I guess that is what you get when it is 70 on December 12. Our next stop was The Children's Place. They had a very small selection of mittens and winter hats. The good news is they were on clearance, $5.00 for the mittens and $7.50 for the hat. So, after several stores and a lot of searching, Alex has mittens and a winter hat. People look at you a little weird when you ask for winter clothing when they are in shorts and flip flops. Next time, I am just going to order them online. Oh, on a side note, he does have a warm coat. I bought it on clearance last year in Illinois. I think he will have enough clothing to stay warm. I am sure my Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois friends are reading this wishing they didn't need their mittens.