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The Search for Winter Clothes...Part 2

Well, the search continued today for winter clothes for Alex. We went to the store where I had seen one fleece outfit in his size. I guess I should have bought it on Friday, because it was gone. So, off to another store. The sales associate informed me that they do not have winter clothes and they would not be getting any in. Winter starts in less than two week (December 21) and they will not be getting any winter clothes! To be fair, if we weren't going on a trip we would not need winter clothes for Alex. So, we went to a different Babies R Us and found two pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt on clearance for $8.00 total. I found one pair of sweatpants and two sweatshirts at a different Babies R Us yesterday. So, that puts the total at three pair of sweatpants, three sweatshirts, a sweater, a winter coat, mittens, and a winter hat. He already has a few pair of jeans, so we will be taking those with us. That should be enough to get us through the trip. We can wash clothing as needed.

Our new kitchen table is here. We are currently using it. It is bigger than our previous table and has six chairs. So far I like it a lot.