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Christmas Present

So, the allergy shots weren't so bad. I did think I was only going to get one per week. Turns out I get three at each visit. I do have a slight headache, but that could be from anything.

Since I already did our workout I have had a couple of hours to myself. Alex is in bed and Gabe is doing Kenpo. I decided to work on a Christmas present or two. I completed one, but I love it and I decided I am going to keep it. It is was for my sister. I will just go to the fabric store and buy some more of the same fabric and make her one too. I started on four more presents. I can't finish them though. I am missing something. Once I obtain the missing ingredient I can finish them up in no time. I will take plenty of pictures and show you all of the Christmas presents in December or early January.

I think I am going to get ready for bed. Tomorrow I just have to go to the book club meeting, do some laundry, and pack for our trip. Not too bad. Maybe I will be able to work in a Christmas present or two.