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9 Months

Alex had his 9 month pictures taken last night. I think they turned out much better than the 6 month portraits. The CD and our free 8 x 10 should be ready for pick-up about the same time we return from our trip to South Carolina. So, I was feeling pretty good about getting my hair cut before the 9 month pictures. After the session was over and we were looking through the photos, I decided that just having a hair cut doesn't do any good if you forget to brush your hair before the photo shoot. Stupid wind!

Laundry Basket.jpg
Who knew a laundry basket could be so much fun?

I made rice krispy treats for the book club meeting tomorrow. I always like to add extra marshmallows for that extra- gooey goodness. Hopefully my fingers won't stick to the pages of the book.

I also worked out this morning. Gabe and I usually work out in the evenings together, but I have to get an allergy shot today and I don't know how I am going to feel.

Tomorrow's schedule includes packing for our trip (plus the 6 things from today that may or may not get completed). The good news is that creating a blog entry is one of the things on the list. Anyone out there know where I can find a small beach ball? All of the ones I have seen have been either 18" or 24". I am looking in the 6" to 12" diameter range.

Alex 9 months 1 day.jpg
Alex 9 months and 1 day


My kids love clothes baskets, too.

I'm sure the pictures turned out great!