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Mostly Finished Packing

Thursday I went to my book club meeting. It was a lot of fun to get together and discuss the book. There is a meeting once a month and I plan on going to the August meeting too.

After the meeting Alex and I ran some errands. We also dropped off nine cans of formula at a shelter. Gabe does some work with the shelter and there is an infant there currently. There were multiple types of formula. They were all unopened. I was going to take them back to Wal-Mart and get my money back, but it turns out they just throw unopened food away. After giving me back my money, they would have thrown away the nine cans of formula. The idea of trashing perfectly good formula really bothered me, so I donated it instead. You might be wondering why I had nine cans of unopened formula. We went through twelve types of formula with Alex until we found one that he could take.

I finally finished packing. I still have a few last minute items to pack (like my laptop). Hopefully I won't be too tired to remember tomorrow morning.

I managed to finish two Christmas presents last night and two more tonight. I think I am down to 16 or so. Go me!


Hi Stephanie :) Hope you are having a blast at the beach!! I was wondering if you wanted to share ideas for homemade Christmas presents? I have some ideas of some things I am going to make and I'd love to hear some of yours - If not that is fine :) Just thought I'd ask!! Hope all is well!!


Of course I will share my ideas. I just sent you an email. The only reason I haven't shared what I am making on my blog yet is because I want people to be surprised when they open their presents.