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Organizing Ribbon - WFMW

I have a bag of ribbon that I have collected. This "organization" makes it a little difficult to know exactly what ribbons I actually have in my stash.

Ribbon Unorganized.jpg

I use paper towel rolls (after the paper towels are used) and wrap my ribbon around them. I secure the ribbon to roll with tape where it is attached and the end of the ribbon to keep it from unrolling.

Ribbon Organized.jpg

Now it is easy to see what ribbons I have and they are more accessible to use.

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Good idea! I can see my 2 year-old unwrapping them if he found them, but if I could keep him away that might work for me.

I posted a copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich recipe for my WFMW tip today-- if you enjoy Arby's, stop by and check it out! :)