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House Tour - Finally!

Here are the long awaited pictures of our house. The lighting is a little odd on some of the pictures.

House Front.jpg
Front of our house.

House Front Room.jpg
Front Room

House Dining Room.jpg
Dining Room

House Living Room.jpg
Living Room

House Kitchen.jpg

House Bathroom 1.jpg

House Laundry Room.jpg
Laundry Room

House Office.jpg
Office. This is actually a bedroom with a walk-in closet (they all have walk-in closets) but we use it as an office. Large closets are really nice for storage.

Master Bedroom

House Bedroom1.jpg
Master Bedroom. There are walk-in closets on each side of the hallway that leads to the bathroom. I will spare you and not post the pictures of our closets, lol.

House Bathroom 2a.jpg
Master Bathroom with my favorite part...my tub.

House Bathroom 2b.jpg
Master Bathroom...not the best picture.

House Family Room.jpg
Family Room

House Office 2.jpg

House Guest Bedroom.jpg
Guest Bedroom

House Bathroom 3.jpg
Alex/Guest Bathroom. There are double sinks, but you can't tell from the picture.

House Alex Bedroom.jpg
Alex Bedroom


OMG! Your house is frickin' ADORABLE!! I can't wait until we can come and see it... how long will you be in AZ? :)

BTW... I totally want a little table like the one that is featured in the "Front Room" picture. Where did you get it?

Thanks! You guys are welcome to come out anytime.

What a beautiful huge house!!