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There has been quite a bit of animal activity around our neighborhood lately. We have a pet lizard. Okay, we don't really have a pet lizard, but there is one that thinks he is our pet.

We have seen quite a few lizards on our walks in the evening. We have also seen rabbits the past few nights, but I left my camera at home.

This little girl showed up in our yard. Elsa and Clara had a great time playing with her. Her owner found her before we had a chance to go to each house door by door to locate the owner (we were waiting until after we finished dinner).

Road Runner.jpg
Roadrunner (I think). He hung out for quite a while and gave Alex something to look at for about an hour. He even pecked on the door a couple of times.

We actually saw a double rainbow on our walk, but the picture of the single rainbow turned out the best.

This picture is one of my coasters that I display (I know I promised a few of you a picture of how I display them.

I watched the movie Bride Wars this past week. It is actually a pretty funny movie, much more so than I expected. Two wedding obsessed individuals mistakenly have their wedding booked on the same day. Hilarity ensues.

We don't have a lot planned for the weekend. We are going to a party tomorrow and after that who knows. Maybe we will finish watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We started it last night.


I love all of your new pets! :) That little Jack is super adoarble... I'm glad her owner found her! She must've came over for some dinner!