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Hubbard Glacier

Today we saw Hubbard Glacier. All of the icebergs were pretty neat too. I have a lot of pictures of ice. I guess the good thing about a digital camera is I don't have to print them. The cruise ship navigated through some pretty icy waters so we could get as close as possible to the glacier.

Cruise Steph on way to Hubbard Glacier.jpg
Stephanie on the way to Hubbard Glacier.

Cruise Hubbard Glacier.jpg
Hubbard Glacier. The picture does not give an accurate idea of the size. If I remember correctly we were still at least two miles away (I think it was four miles).

Cruise Hubbard Glacier Ice.jpg
Ice our cruise ship went through to get us even closer to the glacier. I am glad we didn't relive Titanic at this point. There were some pretty big icebergs in the water.

Cruise Iceberg.jpg
One of my many iceberg pictures.


Hello! I'm really enjoying your trip pictures, keep 'em coming!
Also, welcome back... I've missed your posts. :)

Aww...how sweet! I think I just posted around 13 entries and I am not done yet...though I might be until tomorrow.