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Free Movie 05/04/09

If you have a redbox movie rental station and a credit card you can get a free movie today (Monday 05/04/09). If you aren't sure where your closest redbox station is you can look it up on the website. Go to the red box station and choose the option to rent with a promotional code. Enter your code, select your movie, swipe your credit card, and go home and watch your movie. Your credit card will not be charged as long as you return the movie by 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday (05/05/09). You can either return the movie to the redbox it was rented from or to any other redbox location. Here is this weeks code BT73H9. This code can be used once per credit (or debit) card.

If you are actually paying for the movie there is a neat option where you can reserve it and it will be there when you go to pick it up. This is particularly helpful if it is a new release. Unfortunately, this option does not work with the promotional codes.

The codes SHPNSVE2 or REDBOX are available for first-time redbox customers and these are ongoing codes that are available for use anytime, not just on Mondays.

The codes BREAKROOM or DVDONME are for a free rental and are also ongoing codes. They do not have to be used on Mondays.

SHPNSVE2, REDBOX, BREAKROOM, and DVDONME are limited to once per credit (or debit) card.