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Sunday Gabe, Alex, and I headed up to Ikea. My parents want a piece of furniture from there so we went to buy it and we will be shipping it to them. It is less than a hundred dollars for shipping if we ship it, but it is around three hundred dollars if Ikea ships it for us. I had some returns to do anyway. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel. They were having a 70% off sale on some of the items in their shop, but I didn't buy anything.

I am a little surprised that Lil' Kim went home on Dancing with the Stars tonight. I was thinking that Ty would be going home. I like Ty (even though I don't think that he has a chance at winning) so I am glad that he is still around for another round.

I am not sure who is going to be sent home on American Idol. I am thinking it might be Kris. Slash still looks the same that he did 25 years ago. I think it might be the long in your face hair and the sunglasses. Now I want to play Guitar Hero. Too bad I am getting ready to go to bed.

I went to the grocery store today while Gabe was at work. We usually go together, but since he has been sick I am trying to get things done during the day so we can just stay home at night. Well, I had to change a diaper while we were shopping. I went to the family restroom and while I was in there someone knocked on the door. I said "just a minute." I guess they took the minute to be literal, because they knocked on the door again about a minute later. If they had a child, there is a changing station in the women's and men's restrooms, so they could have used it instead of knocking on the door repeatedly. How annoying! Another thing that bothers me is usually when I am waiting on a family restroom because the other restrooms don't have changing stations it will be a single adult that was occupying the facilities. I never used a family restroom before having a baby. Okay, I feel better now. It also helped that I left a very stinky diaper in the restroom. The impatient person that kept knocking had a nice surprise waiting on them.

Oh, I mailed out a few packages on Monday. These included a swap package, a birthday package, and a few others. I will post the contents of the birthday and swap package on here soon.


We have an IKEA about 45 minutes from us. I have never been, but hear it is fabulous! Isn't it crazy, the shipping? A friend of ours bought a desk there and same thing, they wanted a fortune to ship it, so my husband just took his truck up there and got it for him.

That is a funny bathroom story, especially leaving the dirty diaper smell for them! People can be so annoying...I wonder why they knocked again? ugh!