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Aaron's Arrival

Alex and I did make it to the airport to pick up Aaron. We came back home and relaxed while we waited on Gabe to get home. He was actually late, but it was planned. He had a meeting at the local school (he is on a curriculum committee). We grilled for dinner and then walked around the neighborhood (even though it was still in the upper 90's after the sun went down). Thursday was pretty relaxing.

Alex and Aaron.jpg
Alex & Aaron

Gabe Steph and Alex Saguaro.jpg
Hanging out in front of a Saguaro.

*I am going to have a lot of short little entries until I manage to get caught up.*


Love the pictures. I love the cactus!!!

Totally jealous of Aaron! He got to squeeze Alex before I did!

I'm glad you like the feet picture! It is helpful to have someone holding the feet still. It took me many many shots before I got one I liked! I just wrapped a blanket around his legs to just show his feet. I think Boyd was about 6 weeks old when I took that one. I totally copied the idea from someone too! :)) Can't wait to see your picture!