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The Maze Moved

We moved into our house on Saturday. Gabe's parents, Kyle (my nephew), and Brandi (my niece) helped us move. Of the three movers that we hired, two showed up. From what I understand they weren't too impressive. On Sunday, Gabe, Kyle, and I went to see the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee downtown. It was pretty good. Parts of it made me laugh out loud, and there were parts where I was wondering what were they thinking. Basically, since last Friday (Gabe and I started moving stuff Friday night) we have been moving and unpacking. The box maze was moved from an apartment to a house. I am still amazed that we had as much stuff in our apartment as we actually did. I currently have a rather large rummage sale pile. I don't want to have to move this much stuff again. We turned in the keys to our apartment today. Gabe and I were frantically cleaning the apartment right up until our inspection time and then the lady came in and said that our apartment was scheduled to be updated, so it was fine. I really wanted her to appreciate all of my sparkling clean windows. She didn't even look at them. Tomorrow more unpacking is on the schedule. I am not sure that we will ever finish all of it.


Pictures!! We want Pictures! :)