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Home Owners

This is going to be a super quick entry...we are still packing for tomorrow. I am so surprised that we have so much stuff. I am seriously having a rummage sale when we move. Anyway, we are officially home owners! We signed the papers today. Now I can paint the walls whatever color I want and I can hang things up without having to worry if I will get my security deposit back. The best part, no more noisy neighbors...they actually weren't that bad. I am really excited about not having people live above, below, or around me. Also, I won't have to worry if the T.V. is too loud and disturbing others. I am always paranoid that the T.V. is too loud when I am watching it late at night. So, I usually end up with it being barely audible.


Congratulations! You're an adult with a house! Whew! :)