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We are VERY slowly winning the war against the box maze. However, I don't actually see myself parking my car in the garage anytime soon and we might actually be able to watch T.V. sometime next year. It is hooked up, but good luck getting to it! I made a lot of progress today moving furniture and such while Gabe was at work. When he came home we went to a few bed stores to look for a mattress. We found a couple, but I am not convinced that I like them any better than the mattress that we already have. So, we might just order one off of Sears.com. They are currently having a 50% off sale, but it ends tonight...so we had better make up our minds. Oh, the new mattress would most likely be for the guest room. The one that we are thinking of is a Serta and from our "mattress research" at multiple stores they seem comfortable enough.


We got a Serta "Taryn" and Andrew absolutely loves it!