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The List

I have been really busy lately trying to get things finished. My list of things was getting pretty small, and then yesterday it exploded. Now I have a huge list again. The garage isn't looking so hot right now. At least the mattress that I ordered was delivered. I finished that room today (minus the flooring and the walls).
Yesterday Gabe and I watched "The Ex". It was okay, not great but not terrible. Zach Braff, Amanda Peet, and Jason Bateman are in it. I still like Zach the best when he is playing J.D. in Scrubs. Speaking of Scrubs, I am excited...the 6th Season is going to be released on October 30th. I haven't watched any of the episodes yet, so no spoilers.
Then, on November 13th the next Alex Cross book comes out. James Patterson seems to be writing about one Alex Cross book a year and releasing sometime in November. If you have seen some of the movies but haven't read the books you should really give the books a try. My favorite is Cat & Mouse. I think that Morgan Freeman is a really great actor, but he isn't Alex Cross in my mind. If you read the books I don't think that he will be Alex Cross for you either. If you do decide to read the books I suggest doing it order. Cat & Mouse is actually the fourth book in the series. Along Came A Spider is the first.