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Things in the house are pretty much organized. Now the dreaded garage is left. Maybe I can talk Gabe into working on it with me tonight. Maybe he can talk me into watching a movie instead. I am not sure when we are going to start painting and ripping up carpet (there are two rooms that I would like to redo the flooring). There are also some small projects here and there that he has already started working on.
We took some artwork to have it framed today. Custom framing takes about two weeks, so I wanted to get the process underway. We ended up bringing one of the three pieces home with us because they were out of the frame material that I wanted. I have to call back next week to see if they have any of it in stock. I love the piece and it looks really great with the frame, so I hope that they are able to get it back in stock. If not, there was another frame that will serve as a good back up.