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New Vehicle

Let's see. I bought the 1st Season of Ugly Betty on DVD. I didn't watch the show on T.V., but I heard that it was really funny...and it was on sale. Wednesday Gabe rearranged the boxes in the garage so one car would fit in it. He bought his dad's truck and we have three cars right now. Our driveway accommodates two cars and you cannot park overnight on the street here without calling it in to the cops every night. So, he cleared enough space for one car to fit in the garage. We are actually taking his old car to my parent's today. My nephew bought the car.
Recently Gabe and I have watched Blades of Glory and A Day Without A Mexican. I didn't care for A Day Without A Mexican, but Blades of Glory was surprisingly funny. I think that Will Ferrell is hilarious and Jon Heder has started to grow on me after watching School For Scoundrels.