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Chicago Bound

Today we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. It was amazing. There was a tunnel that you walk through where you are surrounded by sharks, turtles, coral, etc., above and to the sides. While looking at the gorillas, you walk along a path in a building and the gorillas are outside roaming free. There are bubbles where you can pop your head up look at them in their habitat. The Desert Dome was pretty neat and so was the Jungle. I think that Gabe really enjoyed walking through the aviary. We are now sitting at the airport waiting to board our plane. It should be boarding in about five minutes, but we are delayed 35 minutes. I hope that it doesn’t get delayed anymore.
Poor Gabe has been working on house stuff vigorously the entire trip. He finally got most things under control around noon today…our checkout time was noon.