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Still Packing

We made it back on Tuesday around 10:00 p.m. instead of 8:00 p.m., but at least we made it. We packed a few boxes and went to bed. Yesterday I packed and then Gabe started packing when he returned home from work. Very fun stuff, packing that is. We are doing the walk through the house today. Hopefully everything goes well. The new air conditioner and furnace were installed yesterday, so they should be working today. I am getting ready to go to the store and buy some food that doesn't require cooking (i.e., chicken Caesar salad supplies). I was going to make spaghetti yesterday, but all of the pots are packed...somewhere. How did we get so much stuff?


Hey I am ready to come and help you move. Can't wait to see you guys. Hope we can eat somewhere good. ha ha ha. I am sure that we will. You haven't done me wrong yet! I think I am going to have someone drop me off at Carbondale. I really don't want to leave my car there. I'm sure I can find someone. Jimmy might do it. I am glad that you had fun on your trip. Maybe sometime we can go there together. The aquarium place sounds like something that I would like. Grandpa called and I am going to go get your mail tomorrow to bring up there to you. I don't think it will be any important documents this time. I can let this bundle of mail out of my hands on the train. I will see you Saturday!!! Can't wait

Talk to Kyle and see what he is going to do...he might just be leaving from work though. I'll try to come up with some place yummy to eat. We are looking forward to seeing you.