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Back to Nebraska

Today we headed back to Omaha. We drove through the Badlands scenic loop. One of my favorite parts of the drive was Robert’s Prairie Dog town. They were super cute and very curious. There were quite a few prairie dogs that would come right up to you…I think that they were expecting food. The Badlands were interesting to see. They were pretty hot and dry. We arrived in to our hotel around 9:00 p.m. and we went to eat steak (of course, you must have steak in Omaha) at the Upstream Brewing Company. The steaks were delicious. Gabe and I each ordered Filet Mignon and it melted in our mouths. Omaha looks like a pretty neat and fun place.


Ok, now seriously.... I went to a Prairie Dog farm on our trip. No idea if it was Robert's or not, but our trip went like this:
Prairie Dogs
Mt Rushmore
Big Thunder Gold Mine
Wyoming, Grand Teton Natl Park
Random water park. If you tell me that you went to a water park I'm going to think you stole my photo album and went back on my trip! :)

I didn't go to the water park, but I did drive by one. See, my plan was to relive your trip, but I thought that you might notice, so I left out the water park. It is all part of my plan. :)