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Mount Rushmore

We went to Mount Rushmore last night for the evening program and for the lighting ceremony. I am glad that we were able to do it. Today we went to the Crazy Horse Monument. It is currently a work in progress. The admission fees collected, money made from sales in the shops, and donations are the only funding that is being used to build the monument. They have actually turned down $10 million dollars from the government twice. After Crazy Horse, we had tickets for a scenic tour of Jewel Cave. It was about an hour and a half tour and it was a crisp 49 degrees in the cave. If you ever see pictures of me on the tour, you now know why I was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. We had lunch in the park and then we headed of to Wyoming…just because. We went to Mount Rushmore again to see it in the daylight. On the way back we stopped at Big Thunder Gold Mine and we went panning for gold. Both Gabe and I found some. Then we stopped at Bear Country U.S.A. It is a wildlife park that you drive through. We saw a lot of animals (elk, wolves, bear, bobcats, sheep, goats, etc.). Gabe has been joking that we should plan trips for people to take.


HA! I went to the Big Thunder Gold Mine back in 1995 too! Were you reliving my trip??

You found me out...I am actually trying to take over your identity. :)