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Preparing for Boards

This past week has been very busy. I am attempting to prepare for the clinical skills portion of boards while working a ton. When I arrive home I basically fall asleep on the couch. I actually slept on the couch last night (apparently Gabe couldn't wake me up after several repeated attempts). Gabe was in Utah the beginning of the week. The dogs and I were home alone. He claims that he went on the trip for work reasons, but I think that it was so he could avoid more eye exams. He returned on Wednesday and had an eye exam on Thursday. He is my guinea pig for boards and has been receiving an average of two eye exams per week. In fact, he had one today and he is going to get one tomorrow. He has already had a lifetime's worth of eye exams in just the past four years. So, that pretty much sums up last week...work, sleep, work, give Gabe an eye exam, repeat.