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Dog Food Recall

Apparently around 10 deaths, due to liver failure, have been linked to several brands of "wet pet food". You can check to see if the food you feed Fido is listed. Luckily, our dogs only eat dry food.


Lily only eats dry dog food too! I was so scared though because Iams is a "tainted" brand from the recall. I was in a panic until they said wet food!

I heard on the news today that they traced back the bad dog food and found that there was rat poison causing the pets to get sick. My question is why is there rat poison at the food factory!?

Good question. I wonder if they had a rat problem?

just to let you know my lab in sick with her dog food and it's dry pedigree...
she hopefully they caught in time. the vet has 2 cases of this problem both are on dry food.