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R2-D2 Mailboxes

Nicole has a post on her blog about the new look of a few select USPS mailboxes. She was hoping that there would be one in the Chicago area. I found one today while we were picking up our Shamrock Shuffle packets at Navy Pier. It is located on the corner near Capi's Italian Kitchen. Here is the link to the official USPS website. Apparently they are going to release stamp on March 28 to honor the 30th anniversary of Lucasfilm. P.S. R2-D2 does make a cute mailbox.


If you want R2-D2 to "walk" across your screen go to http://www.usps.com/. The post office is really promoting the release of the stamp.

Wow! While at the USPS website I found out that postal rates are going to increase on May 14. A first class letter (1 ounce or less) will now cost $0.41 to mail. Another increase will occur on July 15. I guess it will be time to buy more 2 cent stamps soon.

Stephanie ~ The USPS was thinking of releasing a "forever" stamp. It works like this... you pay the current stamp rate and then use the stamp whenever you want. Example: If you buy forever a stamp today you pay 39 cents, but you could use that stamp in 2099 when stamps cost a whole lot more and it would be okay! I hope they do do this!