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February 28, 2006

Back to School

Well, school started yesterday. I can't say that I am completely ready to end my vacation, but I do enjoy having school-related things to do. Nothing too exciting happened yesterday. I did go to the post office and attempt to purchase five postcard stamps (24 cents each). They did not have them. They didn't even have 23 cent stamps and 1 cent stamps. You would think that someone would have made sure that they had the stamps available required for mailing a postcard, especially since the new increase in postage. Instead, I walked away with two 10 cent stamps and a 4 cent stamp for each piece of mail. Trust me, it wasn't easy fitting all of the stamps on the mail. Well, I have to get ready...school calls.

February 25, 2006

Vote for Lily!

Hello everyone. My friend Nicole's dog, Lily, is in the PetMeds' Cutest Pet Contest. Click here to vote a "10" for Lily!!


I just returned from my visit to Ireland today. I brought home the two souvenirs that I wanted. A Celtic-type ring and a sweater from the Aran islands. I am sad to say that after wearing the ring for about six hours it turned my finger green. I am thinking the vendor meant to say the ring was silver-toned, not sterling silver (though I guess it could be a low quality silver). But hey, I guess you can't expect much for less than thirteen bucks. This brings me to my expensive Aran sweater. I was really excited to purchase the sweater. I liked it a lot...until Gabe pointed out that the sweater smells...like sheep. I hope that the odor comes out with the wash. I guess if the odor lingers you will know I am near when it smells like a barn is walking towards you. All in all, the trip was enjoyable. I believe that one of my favorite parts of the vacation was driving through the Wicklow Mountains and seeing sheep walking on the road. Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures up soon, but I am still waiting on Gabe (hint, hint). :)

In honor of all of the birthdays lately...

Want to know some interesting facts about your birthday? Give this site a try. Thanks to Nicole for pointing it out to me.

February 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Brandi!

February 18, 2006

Polar Plunge...Again!

Since I have $0 of my $100 in donations that I need, I am going to try posting this again. :)
I will be taking the "Polar Plunge" for Special Children's Charities on Sunday, March 5. Special Children's Charities is a group that supports the Special Olympics. The Polar Plunge involves going into the very cold waters of Lake Michigan. If you would like to support me in this cause, please feel free to donate through this link. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Check out the Polar Plunge at this link.

Lost Luggage

Have you ever lost luggage while flying somewhere? Ever wonder where it went? Check here, you might be able to buy some of your old stuff back.

February 17, 2006

Dumb Laws

Finals are over for the quarter...yippee!!!! So, last night I decided to have a little fun and I went to a website that lists some dumb laws. I am not sure if these really are laws, but they are still funny. Since I am currently in Chicago, I figured I would list some dumb laws that are specifically for Chicago.

1. Law forbids eating in a place that is on fire - really?
2. It is illegal to give a dog whiskey
3. Kites may not be flown within the city limits - has anyone told the cops about kite day at the lake?
4. Spitting is forbidden
5. It is illegal to take a French poodle to the opera - I hate it when people take their French poodles and they bark along
6. It is illegal to fish in pajamas. - that is my favorite way to fish

Here are couple from the Chicagoland area:

Cicero: Humming on public streets is prohibited on Sundays.

Orland Park: No pool tables are allowed in a public establishment, because it supports gambling.

For my friends from Minnesota...Hamburgers may not be eaten on Sundays.

And, my favorite, you may not take a picture of a rabbit during the month of June in Wyoming.

February 16, 2006

Are they over yet?

Well, as my next final draws very near, I am finding it more and more difficult to study. In fact, with only a few pages left to read, the closer that I get to the end the harder it is to finish. I really don't have anything left to do but study. I promised Gabe that I would not pack for Ireland until after my exam was over tonight. So, there goes that chance to procrastinate. Funny thing is, I am not normally a procrastinator. I am the type of person that likes to get things finished extremely early. I never really understood the procrastinators. So I don't know what has happened to me for this set of finals. The only conclusion that I can come up with is that I am really ready for a break. Well, I am going to go hit the books for a few more hours and then I am going to relax a bit before my exam.

February 15, 2006

More Finals

Well, I have today off...no class, no finals. So, one would come to the conclusion that I studied for my final exam that is tomorrow. Nope! I found all sorts of little things that I "needed" to do. The apartment is picked up, emails have been sent, pictures were placed into frames, I even cleaned off my desk...I was saving that one for when I ran out of things to do. I guess that I don't have anything left to do but study. Nah, I need to reorganize my notes for the test first. Hey, at least that activity does involve the notes for the exam tomorrow even if it doesn't involve me reading them.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Barby! Wow! That was three birthdays in a row!

February 14, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Bree and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone (or as a friend from U of I calls it...Happy Singles Awareness Day!)

Recipe Exchange

One of my friends (Nicole) sent me an email asking me to particpate in a recipe exchange. A pretty cool thing. You send a recipe to one person, then send the email to your friends to carry on the process. Below is the response that I received back from another one of my friends. It is too funny not to share.

1)remove cold box from freezer
2)open cold box and remove contents
3)cut a slit in film covering contents
4)insert contents into microwave
5)program microwave according to recommendations on cold box
6)allow contents to cool 1-2 minutes according to recommendations on cold box
7)remove contents from microwave
8)separate film cover from contents, transfer contents to dinner plate
9)remove soda can from fridge and open using pop top
10)transport dinner plate and soda to living room coffee table
11)activate TV and select channel showing the Simpsons
12)use fork to consume contents, accessorize with soda and Simpsons

February 13, 2006

Final Exams...still going.

Well, I have taken two of my final exams and I don't want to study anymore. This is really bad news for the remaining tests that I have. Gabe just predicted that there will be more blog entries posted during final exam week because I don't want to study, so I will just post to my blog. I must say that I am currently proving his point. In an effort to avoid studying the apartment has been cleaned, the menu planned for the week, and the list of things to do until departure to Ireland has been formed. I even cleaned out my email accounts. The only thing that I have left to do is clean off my desk, but I am saving that one for when I can't think of anything else to do to procrastinate. Not that I am bored, but maybe I should try something from this site. I think that I am going to "try" to study now.

Guess who has a B-day?

Happy Birthday Jess!

February 12, 2006

Polar Plunge

I will be taking the "Polar Plunge" for Special Children's Charities on Sunday, March 5. Special Children's Charities is a group that supports the Special Olympics. The Polar Plunge involves going into the very cold waters of Lake Michigan. If you would like to support me in this cause, please feel free to donate through this link. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Check out the Polar Plunge at this link.

February 10, 2006


Final exams start tomorrow!

Dilation & Irrigation

Recently in school we practiced a procedure on each other known as dilation and irrigation. (Note: We always practice procedures on each other before performing them on patients.) A lacrimal dilator is used (a piece of metal that is pointy at both ends) and inserted into the punctum (where the tears drain). Initially the smaller of the two ends is used. It is then rotated back and forth between ones fingers and then moved around in a stirring fashion (similar to how one would stir cake batter). This continues until the normally flesh colored punctum turns white. Then the larger end of the lacrimal dilator is inserted and the same procedure is followed. Next a needle is inserted. The punctum needs to be dilated in order for the needle to fit. In our proficiency test, sterile saline solution was squirted in. It actually isn't as bad as it seems.

February 2, 2006

Chinese New Year

I went to the Chinese New Year Parade this past Sunday. Though this is my third year in Chicago, this was my first time attending the parade in Chinatown. It was a lot of fun. Instead of attempting to dine in the very crowded Chinatown either before or after the parade, we chose to eat an Asian-inspired lunch in the comforts of our home. We did however, make the mistake of attempting shop in the stores following the parade. HUGE mistake. You could barely manuver through the tightly packed isles. I spied a pair of shoes that I really liked, but I went back this Wednesday with one of my friends (Nicole) and purchased them then. Check out the pics of the parade. Since it is the year of the dog, I thought that I would add a pic of my two dogs, Elsa and Clara.