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Recipe Exchange

One of my friends (Nicole) sent me an email asking me to particpate in a recipe exchange. A pretty cool thing. You send a recipe to one person, then send the email to your friends to carry on the process. Below is the response that I received back from another one of my friends. It is too funny not to share.

1)remove cold box from freezer
2)open cold box and remove contents
3)cut a slit in film covering contents
4)insert contents into microwave
5)program microwave according to recommendations on cold box
6)allow contents to cool 1-2 minutes according to recommendations on cold box
7)remove contents from microwave
8)separate film cover from contents, transfer contents to dinner plate
9)remove soda can from fridge and open using pop top
10)transport dinner plate and soda to living room coffee table
11)activate TV and select channel showing the Simpsons
12)use fork to consume contents, accessorize with soda and Simpsons