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January 29, 2006

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Cue the music and lighting..."Cheeseburger in Paradise...". Love the song, love the restaurant. If you haven't tried it and you get the chance, you definitely is one of my favorite places. We ate there last night, and I, of course, had the Cheeseburger in Paradise burger. You can have your burger just like Jimmy Buffett intended. It is yummo...okay, so I watch a little too much Rachael Ray. Don't make me break out the EVOO.

January 26, 2006


The test this morning went o.k. It was not by best performance, nor my worst. So, in other words, I will take the score...not that I have a choice in the matter. Lab practicals are coming up soon and I always seem to get super nervous. Any suggestions to tame the nerves? I guess that was my day in a nutshell. I used to have a calculus teacher that would say "we are going to work this problem in a nutshell." He would then draw a rather large nutshell on the board and he would proceed to work the problem in it. Well, so far I have been trying the "blog thing" for two days and I have two entries. Maybe the next few will be a bit more interesting...the weekend is coming up.

January 25, 2006

A Blog is Born

I am giving this blog thing a shot. I first attempted to start a blog in August after taking Optometry Boards Part I (thank goodness I passed), but one thing lead to another and here I am. I am a third year optometry student (only a few months away from fourth year...yippee!!!). Currently, I am taking a break from studying for a test tomorrow morning. Here is a fun tidbit that might be on the test tomorrow...the secondary angle of deviation is larger than the primary. :) Well, back to the books.