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Chinese New Year

I went to the Chinese New Year Parade this past Sunday. Though this is my third year in Chicago, this was my first time attending the parade in Chinatown. It was a lot of fun. Instead of attempting to dine in the very crowded Chinatown either before or after the parade, we chose to eat an Asian-inspired lunch in the comforts of our home. We did however, make the mistake of attempting shop in the stores following the parade. HUGE mistake. You could barely manuver through the tightly packed isles. I spied a pair of shoes that I really liked, but I went back this Wednesday with one of my friends (Nicole) and purchased them then. Check out the pics of the parade. Since it is the year of the dog, I thought that I would add a pic of my two dogs, Elsa and Clara.


Where are the pictures? I wanna see Elsa!

I haven't put any pics on yet. I have to figure it out first. :)

In other words, Gabe has to figure it out. :)

Yep, you got that one right.