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Goals Update for February

1. Read the Bible (I am ahead of schedule)
2. Stick to a Strict Budget (So far we are following our budget)
3. Run in a Race (April 2011...I am even on a team, so no excuses)
4. Read 36 Books (I read one in February...I can catch up. I have read four total for the year.)
5. Lose 10 Pounds (Hopefully goes along with #3)
6. Blog Weekly (On average, I have met the goal.)
7. Scrapbook Monthly (I am caught up for 2011.)
8. Monthly Family Game Night (Alex loves games...we played Ants in the Pants.)
9. Monthly Date Night (We went to a roller derby match and a hockey game.)
10. Go through Credit Cards (It is just February, so I still have time)

So far, so good.

February Book
The Help, by Kathryn Stockett