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So far, so good

Well, the new year is off to a good start. I am way ahead on my Bible reading. If I keep it up at this pace, I will finish in three months. I actually think it will be closer to the year before I finish, but this way I have a little bit of give. I ran today. Go me!

Date night is up in the air. We are season ticket holders to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, but I am having trouble finding a sitter. So, we may or may not go on Friday.

We had a Grey's Anatomy marathon for New Year's Eve. We are now on season 6 (season 7 is on TV now).

Alex even agreed to wear a party hat.

Gabe's birthday was fun. We stayed home and grilled. I made a yummy and very chocolatey chocolate cake.

I am attempting to participate in the Getting Organized Challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. Day one was organizing your junk drawer. Mine was recently organized, so I tackled the drawers in my nightstand instead. Day two was clean off the top of your desk. Done! She stressed only the top. So I am hoping we will be cleaning out the drawers soon. If not, I guess I can do it anyway.