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More Purging

Yesterday I cleaned out our tupperware cabinet. It wasn't too messy, so this was an easy challenge. I don't use most of it so it was easy to donate. Plus, I still want more Pyrex since those containers are the primary ones that I use. Today's challenge by A Bowl Full of Lemons is to clean out the linen closet. I will get to that later tonight. I feel another large container of donations items coming on.

I made Beef and Barley Soup yesterday. It is one of my favorites. I guess Alex really likes it. When I asked him what he wanted for breakfast, he said "soup". I made him waffles. He didn't eat them. I should have just given the boy soup.

I have been purging a lot lately. You might not notice when you come to our house though since a lot of it has been drawers, the garage, etc. In all of my purging I recycled all of our 20% an item at Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons. I figure we rarely go there and there is no need to hold on to the coupons. Well, last night found me digging through the recycling bin to retrieve one. They were expired.

Gabe and I have been playing a Sherlock Holmes computer game before going to bed. We go through one "case" each night. The funny thing about this game is that Holmes has an Australian accent. It is quite hilarious.

So my post isn't all words, here is a pic of one of our dogs.


Love that picture of your dog. OHHH, I love cleaning out my house. It's so refreshing.

PS. Just an FYI, on those Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, even though they have an expiration date, they never truly "expire". The stores will still honor them forever, AND if you are buying 5 things, you can hand them 5 coupons at once!! I save all of ours just in case a wedding comes up or something. :)

Thanks for the tip! We have used it a couple of times.