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Prayer Request

Please say a prayer for Alex. He is no longer able to take ibuprofen due to an upcoming surgery. At this point we are only able to give him acetaminophen for his fever. It reached 103 today. I am expecting a call from his doctor tomorrow (he is off on Monday). I am hoping that it is still normal to have a fever at this point considering the extent of his infection.

Please pray for Gabe too. He is not feeling well and has a nasty cough. I realize that he has not been on antibiotics for even a day yet and expecting him to have a large improvement is unrealistic, but I can hope right?

Please just keep them in your prayers. I need both of my guys healthy.

I just realized that one of my last prayer requests was for a little guy (then 7 month old Maddex) with pneumonia.


I will pray these things for you!!